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Thai LawThese are the Thai marriage requirements for you. If you are getting married in Thailand then you will need to understand the requirements for a legal marriage in Thailand. Below you will find a brief overview of the Thai laws which govern marriage in Thailand. Note that having a traditional wedding in Thailand is not legal binding until it is registered. Also note that you don’t need to have a wedding to register a marriage in Thailand.

Thai Marriage Requirements

Thai Marriage Requirements

If you are not sure about the laws applicable then speak to a lawyer in Thailand for legal advice and guidance on marriage as well as the marriage requirements in Thailand. The following is a very brief overview.

Many young foreigners come to Thailand and some do get married. You will however need to be older than 17 on the day of the registration of the marriage in Thailand. For certain foreigners this 21 in order to obtain a “letter of affirmation” from their Embassy.  Your Thai fiancée will also need to be older than 17 on the marriage registration day. If she is however not yet 17 years of age or older then you will need to take legal advice on this issue.

Should your Thai fiancée be under the age of 20 on the day of registration, then the District Office or Amphurs Office in Thailand might need her parents to be present on the day of marriage registration. You should take legal advice on this from a family lawyer in Thailand.

You have to be single when you get married in Thailand as plural marriages are not allowed.  Also you will need to have a letter of affirmation or a Freedom to marry letter from your Embassy in Thailand to prove that you are single. Thailand in some parts still have traditional plural marriages but they are not recognised by law. You cannot be related. You can marry your sister or brother or your parents in Thailand.


Thai Marriage Requirements

– Register foreign marriage in Thailand – There is traditional and official marriage in Thailand.

Marriage registration office in Bangkok – Bangrak is the most popular with foreigners.

Thai marriage certificate translation – You documents need to be translated.

– Cost of marriage registration in Thailand – The costs tends to be standard.

– Is a Thai marriage recognised in UK – The answer is yes if it has been registered.


Thai Marriage Requirements

Marriage Registration Conditions

Should you be getting married in Thailand to a woman who has been divorced recently (within 310 days) she will need to have a medical certificate to show that she is not pregnant. Again you will need to take legal advice on this as it can become complicated, if it is your child and not that of the former husband.

In Thailand you cannot get married to an insane person. This means that a person who the Thai courts have declared insane cannot consent to a marriage. These types of marriages will end in an annulment of marriage later.

These are the six basics on marriage requirements in Thailand. If you are not certain then you should speak to a family lawyer in Thailand for sound advice and guidance. Note also that once you get married in Thailand you can then only apply for a Thai marriage visa or an Australian visa for a Thai national if you are Australian. You can also apply for a US spouse visa or a British spouse visa if you are from Britain.

The Thai marriage visa can also be applied for once you have married in Thailand and you can convert a Thai tourist visa to a Thai marriage visa without the need to leave the country. Search this website for more information.