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If you got married and now are talking about taking your Thai wife or Thai fiancee home then start in Bangkok with proper legal advice and direction.

A few things we’re great at

Australian visa options as well as British visa options if you are from the United Kingdom. There is also the US visa options both marriage and fiancee and last but not least Thai visa option if you
wish to live in Thailand with your Thai wife.


If you are married then there is is option of the US spouse visa as well as the CR1 visa and IR1 visa which you can look at. There is also a visitors visa for a holiday or a US fiancee visa for your thai girlfriend.


The British visitors visa is for visiting however you can take your Thai girlfriend home with a fiancee visa as well as a Thai spouse visa if you are married to her. Speak to an immigration lawyer about this.


There are options with the Australian visitors visa as well as an Australian Spouse visa for your wife and an Australian fiancee visa for your Thai fiancee. See the options inside for more information.


You can live in Thailand with your Thai wife on an annual Marriage visa or you can retire in Thailand if you are older than 50 and retire with an annual Thai retirement visa.


The Secret of Success

There have been a number of visa rejections over the years as both America and Britain clamp down on immigration due to fear of terrorism and immigration fraud. What is offered is successful immigration.


Ensure that the documents are correct and in order and that they have been certified.


Having the ability to assist your Thai wife or fiancee anywhere in Thailand collect documents.


Experienced staff ensure a smooth transfer to another country.


Nother beats experience when it comes to a visa applications especially foreign visas. 

Visa Options

These are the visa options in Thailand. See each section for more information and ask any questions online that might not be covered on this website.

Thai Visa

There are a number of visa options in Thailand such as retirement and marriage visa.

UK Visa

Married or engaged in Thailand allows you to take her back to the UK.

Australian Visa

Austrlia offers a number of visa options such as a marriage visa or fiancee visa.

US Visa

The United States offers a number of visa options for your Thai wife and fiancee.

Family Law

Always take advice on family matters as they are important with immigration.

Islamic Law

Getting married in Thailand  (Nikah) needs additional attention for immigration.

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