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Thailand Prenuptial Agreement Thai Visa Updates

Thai LawThis is the police clearance in Thailand that you need to obtain. You will need a police clearance certificate from Special Branch Police in Bangkok for a foreign visa. This could be for American, British or Australian and Canadian visa options. There is a set procedure for this and you will need to speak to your lawyer in Bangkok about this. Below you will find the basics for the process of obtaining he certificate.

Police Clearance in Thailand

The Thai Police Clearance Service Center is located in Bangkok and this is where they issue police clearance certificates. Check with your lawyer as they normally direct the clearance certificate directly to the Embassy during the application process.  Your Thai wife will need to provide the following documents for the clearance certificate:

  • –        Certified copy of her Thai passport;
  • –        Also a certified copy of her National ID card;
  • –        Certified copy of her name/surname change certificate;
  • –        As well as a certified copy of her House registration certificate (Tabian Baan);
  • –        Certified copy of her marriage certificate / divorce certificate;
  • –        Finally a certified copy of her Military certificate if she was in the military.

The process for obtaining the certificate is normally initiated by the Embassy. This would normally need a letter from the Embassy during the visa application process. Normally they will issue one to the Embassy and also one to your lawyer in Bangkok. This application for the certificate is normally at the time you equate the TB test and medical certificate.

The Thai passport and ID card will normally be the passport you are going to use for the visa application process. If you Thai wife or fiancée had been married before and had changed her surname she will need to go the local Amphurs Office in Thailand to obtain a name change certificate.

This is usually a laminated certificate which shows the current and former surname. This has become common in Thailand since the Thai government has allowed married women to use their maiden surname. The name change certificate is not as common but if she has changed her surname this will also be obtained at the local Amphurs Office where a name change certificate would be issued.

What else is needed?

She will now also need a copy of her divorce decree from the Amphurs Office or marriage certificate if she had been married before. They will issue a copy of the divorce decree which will also be needed during the visa application process. The divorce agreement will also show the custody arrangements for the children which will also be needed later if you are taking minor children with you.

The police certificate would also be needed if you are getting married to another foreigner in Thailand and now applying for a foreign visa for her. This would depend on how long she has lived in Thailand. Normally the period is 5 years for many visa applications. If say you are getting married to a Filipino who has live in Thailand for longer than 5 years then a police clearance certificate might also be needed for the period that she had stayed in Thailand.

Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for current information and guidance.



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