Letter of Affirmation

Getting Married in Thailand

Letter of Affirmation


Thai LawYou can read the article on  to see if you will have any problems in Thailand with your marriage registration. The process to register a marriage in Thailand starts with a letter of affirmation from your Embassy to stat that you are eligible for marriage in your home country. Each country has its own procedures. The following are the basics for the most common countries.

Letter of AffirmationUS Letter of Affirmation

You can obtain your letter of affirmation to get married at the US Embassy in Bangkok. There is also a US Consulate in Chiang Mai who may be able to assist you. You will however need to have all these documents verified at the Thai Foreign Affairs Offices in Bangkok. Most times it’s an overnight process or can also be same day issue. Like everything there is a cost of $30 for the affidavit. Your divorce decree or former spouses death certificate will normally also be required.

UK Letter of Affirmation

The cost of the Freedom to Marry or Letter of Affirmation to get married costs about THB 3,600. You will need to bring your former spouses death certificate or divorce decree to the Embassy. This is normally an overnight process but at times you can obtain it on the same day. Note that the document will need to be translated into Thai and be verified by the Thai government as authentic before you go to the Amphurs office for the marriage certificate.

Italian Letter of Affirmation

Italian citizens are more difficult than the British or American Embassies. You will need to notify the Italian Embassy in Bangkok at least two weeks before they issue a Freedom to Marry affidavit. Once this has been done and you provide all the needed documents it is a same day process. Speak to a family lawyer in Thailand if you are not certain of the process.

Canadian Freedom to Marry

The cost of the affidavit for the Freedom to Marry or Latter of Affirmation costs about C$50 and this you can normally obtain on the same day as long as you have all the needed documents for the letter. The letter of affirmation is normally issued in English as well as in French. These would have to be translated into Thai and certified for the marriage to be registered.

Australian Letter of Affirmation

Australians in Thailand can also apply for a letter of affirmation in Thailand at the cost of about THB 850 for the affidavit. Much like other countries you will need to provide you passport as well as a divorce decree or death certificate of your former spouse in order to get the letter. If you have never been married then you only need your passport and the Embassy fees.

These would be the normal process for each Embassy in Thailand. There can be a lot of red tape in the process as it can become time consuming. The affidavits need to be translated and certified. Then taken to the Thai Foreign Affairs office to be verified as authentic. From there you have to take it to the District Office or Amphurs Office in Thailand to have the marriage registration done.


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