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See the UK spouse visa from Thailand explained below. When your marriage has been registered in Thailand you can then apply for a UK Visa for a Thai however if you are not married then a partner visa or fiancée visa for a Thai would be more applicable. Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok with assistance in this regards. The spouse visa is easier to obtain than the partner visa because of the marriage certificate.

UK Spouse Visa from Thailand

As soon as you marriage has been registered you can apply for the spouse visa. You will however need to show the following in order to get the visa approved. The following would be the minimum requirements to take your wife in Thailand back to the United Kingdom. Check with a lawyer as the visa requirements do change. This is the process for the UK spouse visa from Thailand as you can see.

1.       You and your wife in Thailand are 18 years old or older;

2.       You have met her in person and are legally married (traditional marriages don’t count);

3.       You and your wife in Thailand must intend to stay together permanently back in the UK;

4.       You must also show you have enough money to support her while in the UK;

5.       You must also earn more than the minimum of £18,600 per year;

6.       You are also going to need to show proper accommodation back in the UK;

7.       Your Thai wife must satisfy the English language requirements for the UK.

The application for the visa once all the needed documents have been shown takes about 90 days to approve. It is much shorter than the US visa for a Thai in Bangkok. There are a number of factors for this speed, however an attorney will normally know what they needed and obtain all the needed documents beforehand. See also the article on marriage in Thailand on this website.

This would also normally include a medical report as Thai applicants normally need a TB test. Once issued the visa is valid for a period of 33 months and she would have to apply for permission for leave to remain permanently in the UK. This would then normally be extended for a period of 5 years after which she can apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain. British citizenship comes after this.

What is needed?

The financial requirements for the visa differ based on how many people are going to the UK. If it is only for her then the financial requirements are lower than where there are also children going with her. The following is an example of how this changes.

  • £18,600 per year for your wife;
  • Also £22,400 per year for her and one child;
  • £2,400 per year for each additional child.

She will need to have her language skills tested if she cannot speak any English. This is not very common as most applicants speak at least some English. She will need the following documents:

1.       Her Thai passport or other valid travel ID;

2.       One passport-sized colour photograph;

3.       Proof of the relationship;

4.       Proof you can meet the financial requirements;

5.       Proof of her knowledge of English if she is 18 or over

6.       Her tuberculosis test results from the medical;

7.       Her Thai police Clearance certificate;

Another problem in Thailand is that if she has been deported from the UK before then the chances of getting a new visa is very slim. You will need to take legal advice on this. Search this website for more details on applying for a British visa from Thailand.



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