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This is the US Tourist Visa for Thai nationals. Thai citizens who are planning to visit the United States should obtain a visa first, either a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residency. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for assistance.

US Tourist Visa for Thai

US Tourist Visa for Thai

US Tourist Visas are non-immigrant visas for persons who wish to enter the US for a temporary duration of time for business (B1) or tourism (B2).

Document requirements for US Tourist Visa application

  • –         Current valid passport and other travel documents
  • –         Passport-sized photos, taken recently within six months
  • –         Visa application fees
  • –         Supporting documents such as but not limited to:
  • ·         Proof of funds to shoulder the costs for the whole stay in the US
  • ·         Proof of accommodation in the US

US Tourist Visa applicants should be able to qualify for the visa application single-handedly. Here are the things the visa applicant should do:

  • – Should be able to provide proof that they will be staying in the US temporarily and then return to their home country;
  • – Also should be able to provide proof of funds that would finance they stay in the United States;
  • – Should be able to complete and sign the visa application form;

Evidence of strong ties are those positive evidence which shows. That the visa applicant is returning to his or her home country after the given duration of stay in the US. For example, providing an employment letter stating that the company is aware of the intention to take a leave, with approval from the supervisor, acknowledgement of the visa applicant’s job position, length of time employed in the company and salary and signed by the immediate supervisor with full name and contact details for future reference.

US Tourist Visa Issues

If self-employed, preparing business documents is a must to show that the claimed business is still valid and is an income generating business. Always apply for the correct visa such as a K1 Visa for your Thai fiancee or a K3 visa for your Thai wife. Never take her back to the US on a tourist visa. The K3 Visa for your Thai wife is also possible with a CR1 Visa for a Thai. 

In cases where the visa applicant has minimal ties to Thailand because of lack of employment history and funding, supporting evidence would be required. By providing a documentary proof of low bank balance or unemployment would only result to denial of the visa application. It is not at all times that the officer would check your financial proof. But best to have it on handy in case. Also, applicants should present evidence of educational programs, training course or medical exceptions. This to surpass the weakness of a visa application, this would differ from case to case. Some visa applicants will not be legible for a US visa regardless if they have proof of strong ties. Every application would be assessed depending on one’s current circumstances.


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