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Child Custody in Thailand becomes important when you are applying for a US Visa for your Thai fiancee or a US visa for your Thai wife. There is also the option of a K2 visa for a Thai as well as a K4 visa for a Thai. Conflicts regarding child custody are very common cases in Thailand Family courts. Child support arguments emerge in divorce cases, between unmarried parents, and even between married couples not seeking for divorce but merely having financial issues. 

Child Custody in Thailand

Child Custody in Thailand

Usually, the mother of the child files a complaint against the biological father asking for child support. But, there are also cases where this goes vice versa and the father who has custody rights would seek child support on behalf of the child from its mother. Child Support is also an issue in Thailand so you should speak to a law firm in Bangkok about this. You should also consider the child support amount in Thailand for more details.

If both parents can come up with an agreement regarding child support. It can then be drafted to become part of the settlement agreement. Thai court, much similar to Western courts, shall normally motivate parties to resolve the dispute by making a settlement agreement. Especially when the couple is married in Thailand and both can agree to the terms of child support. It is much possible to register it together with their divorce agreement at the district office. If the parents are not married in Thailand, or not married at all, it would still be possible for them to file a court claim in Thailand concerning child support provided with the proper processes.


If the parents of the child cannot come up with an agreement regarding child support. Then a complaint demanding child support can then be filed at the court with jurisdiction. Child support cases are decided by judges from the Central Juvenile and Family Courts of Thailand. Various factors will be taken into consideration prior to coming up with a schedule for child support in Thailand. See also the issue of divorce in Thailand.

One of the primary concerns that the Thai courts would be considering. Is whether there is an existing duty to pay for child support. If such duty exists, the next factors that the court shall consider would be. The income of the individual parties and the child’s expenses together with other factors. This to enable them to determine the amount for child support.