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Thai LawIt is always good to find a law firm in Thailand that offers different services. Immigration and property in Thailand do go hand in hand as well as retirement. Many people invest in Thailand with the idea that the property is a good long term investment. Property prices in Thailand over the last 10 years have had very good returns. There has also been an increase in immigration and foreign visa applications.

Marriage Registration

You have had your wedding and not need to contact your Embassy for a letter of affirmation. This will tell the Thai government that you are single and able to get married. Once you have obtain this from your Embassy it needs to be translated and verified by the Thai Foreign Affairs Department in Bangkok then taken to the local Amphurs Office in Thailand where the marriage certificate is issued.  Note that you should speak to an attorney if you wish to adopt in Thailand, where you adopt your Thai wife’s children.

Australian Visa

As an Australian you can take your Thai fiancée back to Australia with the correct visa. The Australian partner visa is for those who are not married but have lived together for at least 3 years. There is also a fiancée visa for those who are going to be getting married in Australia. Many opt for the marriage visa as it will last for 5 years in Australia without the need to contract Australian Border Control about the visa again. Most tend to consider getting as much of the paperwork done in Thailand and not resorting to a law firm in Australia again. The Australian visa for a Thai national can be done in Thailand in under 12 months for a marriage visa.

British Visa

If you have registered your marriage in Thailand and are now looking at take your Thai wife back to the UK then you will need to speak to a lawyer about applying for a UK spouse visa for your Thai wife. If you are not married then a UK fiancée visa is what you will need. The process takes a while however it is normally completed in under 6 months. The needs to be medical checks as well as a police clearance certificate. Consider all your option with regards to this. There is also a partner visa for those who live together but are not married. If you are a same-sex couple then you need to take legal advice on how to do this from Thailand. Obtaining a UK visa from Thailand can be done.

Thai Property

If you are considering buying a condo in Thailand then it is always best to speak to a property lawyer in Thailand. Property regulation in Thailand is not very strong and it does become very complex because of the rules with regards to foreigners owning property in Thailand. Thailand also has many different types of title deeds. Some of these deeds are only for Thai people and others have limitations set on them. You will need to speak to a lawyer to guide you through the process as property scams do occur. This could mean the loss of your investment.


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