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Thai LawWhen you apply for a foreign visa in Thailand you will always be required to attend an interview. This is mainly to check that the documents are correct and also to ensure that the relationship is a valid relationship. When this occurs they will normally view the documents and ask questions based on this.

Visa Interview in Thailand


Visa Interview in Thailand

You are normally required to bring all your documents with you to the Embassy including your passport. There is normally a list of documents which would be required but it is always good or organise all your documents into folders should they require more information. There are a number of law firms in Thailand who do these visa applications and they would know what is needed.

At the Embassy they will want to see if you know your partner or husband well. They will ask questions based on how long you have known each other and also where you met.


Spouse Visa Interview

If you have known each other for 4 years you should know your in-laws names and occupations. Below would be an example list of questions:

Spouse visa:

  1. What date is your anniversary on? (mainly the month and year)
  2. Where did you meet? (mainly to check that her profession is legitimate)
  3. How long have you been married; (see if the marriage is real)
  4. What does your husband do for a living; (how well you know each other)
  5. When is your husbands birthday; (month and date)
  6. Where are you going to live in your new country; (location or city)
  7. What is your mother-in-law’s name; (must have spoken to your in-laws at least once)
  8. What does your mother-in-law do for a living? (depth of family knowledge)


Fiancee Visa Interview

For a fiancée visa application you are going to get lesser in-depth of questioning as you might not have known each other very long. The following questions might:

Fiancée visa:

  1. Where in Thailand did you meet your fiancée;
  2. What is your fiancées age;
  3. When is your fiancées birthday;
  4. What does he do for a living;
  5. How many brothers does he have;
  6. Where does he live;
  7. Where and when are you getting married?

These are only example questions. They may also differ based on the level of English of the applicant. Most times an attorney will go with to ensure that the questions are understood. This is what a great help it can be in these types of situations.

If you are apply for a US fiancée visa for a Thai or an Australian visa for a Thai national then you go through this interview process for the visa. This is standard for all visa applications from all countries and not just from Thailand.

Always ensure that the documents are correct and that all procedures had been followed. You will also need to ensure that all older medical records are collected such as immunizations as well as educational certificates. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand about this visa process for your Thai fiancée or Thai wife. See also the Australian Tourist Visa for Thai as well as the Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand and Child Custody in Thailand as well.