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Thai LawSee the Islamic Marriage in Thailand process. The Islamic ceremony in Thailand has been mostly the destination of choice amongst Muslims. This is a marriage which is under Muslim law, a religious marriage, ceremony performed by the Imam at the Islamic Center. This is a process done by Muslim or Muslim and Non-Muslim couples to be recognised living together as a couple in Muslim countries abroad. A non-Muslim who wishes to marry a Muslim will be required to convert and accept Muslim faith, believing in Koran. An Islamic conversion process should be done prior to the marriage ceremony or can be done as well before the marriage ceremony in Thailand.

Islamic Marriage in Thailand

Islamic Marriage in Thailand

The Imam and no other else can perform and conduct conversion of non-Muslim and also the union of couples under Muslim religion. The process at the Islamic Center may not take longer than an hour. In which after the ceremony, documents will be translated and then submitted for legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand. You will then be able to apply for an Australian spouse visa, US spouse visa or a British spouse visa.

Many have questioned if male parties need a single or divorce certificate. This to proceed and marry their Thai or foreign fiancée’s under Islamic law. There is no need for the man to provide such documents. But for some reason, it is not applicable to all, as there are nationalities that needs a permission from embassy to marry in Thailand such as the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Maldives. As for the female party, it is always a must to present a document showing one is single or divorced.

Islamic ceremony, is a religious way for couples under Muslim faith to be joined together. It is a marriage widely accepted by Muslim countries.

It has been a common issue that Muslims anticipated and have thought Muslim marriage is a legal document. This to bring and join spouses in Western countries. A Muslim marriage is a religious form of ceremony, which is under Islamic law. This is not a legal binding marriage. Also it will be recognised only in Muslim countries for the purpose of joining spouses. But, for Western countries, a Thai Civil form of marriage will be required.


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