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Thai LawSee the Australian Tourist Visa for Thai national explained below. An Australian Tourist Visa is the only way that a Thai citizen can travel to Australia for a holiday or tourism. This type of visa is usually awarded with 3 different duration’s: three, six or twelve months and can be issued as single entry or multiple entry depending on the visa officer handling the application.

Australian Tourist Visa for Thai

If the applicant has never applied for an Australian visa before and this is the first application submitted, it is recommended to apply for the 3-month visa. You can consider applying for the longer visa once the 3-month visa expires. The first visa granted is mainly a trial visa to test if the Thai national returns to Thailand on time and does not overstay in Australia.

When applying for an Australian Tourist Visa, you should be convincing to the visa processing officer that you are just visiting Australia for leisure. It is very important that the applicant has a stable employment. This or running business or perhaps assets showing proof that you will be returning to Thailand. You should consider presenting as much proof as you can. This because it would be the discretion of the officer depending on evaluation for the visa approval.

Apart from proving that you will return to Thailand. You must also present financial documents, showing that you have sufficient funds for the trip. For those solely travelling. It is necessary that you can provide enough evidence of funds available for the length of stay you have requested. It also applies for those even with Sponsors. This as the Australian Immigration does not focus only on the Sponsor having sufficient funds, but also the applicant itself. See also the Visa Interview in Thailand as well as the Thailand Prenuptial Agreement.

Australian Sponsor

Obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa involving an Australian sponsor. This does not limit with the support from the sponsor. But, also requires showing the authenticity of the relationship between the Thai lady and her sponsor. This and that the Thai citizen has proof that she will return to Thailand after her visit to Australia. The more evidence you can provide regarding your genuine relationship. This including proof of previous visits to Thailand to see your partner and constant communication between you both. The more chances for your application to be granted.

Australian Tourist Visa (See: getting a 3 month visa for Thai girlfriend) applications are successful based on the presentation of the paperwork. Most denied applications are because of incomplete documents and lack of professionalism of the Thai paperwork so speak to an attorney at a Thai law firm in Thailand.